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Hello, I’m Kerry!

Founder & Creative

Sunrise Sapphires was introduced as an outlet to bring a piece of art and personal touch to your gift giving, shopping experience, and the way you celebrate your special events.

Mesmorised by the endless possibilities the creative world inhabited, I began to teach myself the art of painting and photography, resin work, candle making, and more. I tapped into the world of uniquely curated items and through this, Kiwis across the country were given the chance to own something that was meaningful and personally tailor-made just for them.

I wanted to give clients the opportunity to own something luxurious and unique, without needing the bank account or status of Kim Kardashian to do so.

For me, every item and gift box that I create and beautifully package up for a client, always feels like a gift to someone I care for. I know the smile and joy this package will create when received at the front door and it’s this feeling of happiness that I want Sunrise Sapphires to always stand for and be known for.

Whether it be a birthday or Christmas gift, a corporate surprise or bridal proposal, or just a simple ‘treat yourself’ moment that a client needs, I want to be a part of your moment.

Specialising in luxury gifts, accessories and decor that are curated just for you, Sunrise Sapphires is an online artistic boutique here to make every occasion, a special one.

Browse our extensive shop collection to find something you love, and be sure to check back every month for our unique monthly special deal!



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Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

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