Fluid Circular Fluid Irregular


Add a little piece of uniqueness to your homeware collection with a customised coaster set made to your colour requirements.
Perfect for coffee tables, dining tables, side tables, and even your home office!
Available in a set of two.

Made with FDA approved resin
Each design is unique as resin colours and special detailing are poured in a fluid style, with each segment merged together. Edging is then painted for a clean, elegant finish.

Two Shapes Available;

  • Circular –  each coaster inhabiting a circular shape with perfect edging
  • Irregular – each coaster inhabiting an irregular shape

Colour Designs Available;

  • Winter Snowfall (White, Gold Flecks & Edging)
  • Yin & Yang (Black, White, Gold Flecks & Edging)
  • Stars (Black, White, Silver Flecks & Edging)
  • Ocean (Dark Blue, White, Gold Flecks & Edging)
  • Ice (Dark Blue, White, Silver Flecks & Edging)
  • Emerald (Emerald Green, White, Gold Flecks & Edging)
  • Candy (Dusty Rose Pink, White, Gold Flecks & Edging)
  • Petals & Shine (Dried Petals Variety, Gold Flecks & Edging)
  • White Rose (Dried Rose Petals, White & Rose Gold Edging)

Flecks colour can be requested for change, with only gold or silver available. Please note this in the box provided.
Coaster edging is painted to colour match the flecks.


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