Tropical Paradise Vanilla Sweet Wildflower
Blue Butterfly Daisy Hanging Pink Butterfly


This bundle includes;

  • 1x 5ml car diffuser of your chosen design and scent
  • 1x 30ml car diffuser refiller bottle in chosen scent
  • 1x 50ml reed diffuser with your choice of scent
  • 1x roller perfume of your choice

Safety Warning!

  • The diffuser should always be kept away from any place with any risk of flame and increased temperature.
  • Diffuser and perfume liquid is for the bottles only; if you are impressed with the scent, don’t try to taste it. If consumed accidentally, seek immediate medical attention.
  • Don’t let the diffuser liquid touch your eyes or hands as it can irritate skin.
  • Make sure your diffuser is placed at a location where there is no risk of the diffuser getting knocked over. This may cause damage and stains to surface area.
  • If you suffer from perfume allergies, take appropriate measures before using diffusers and rollers.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.





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